Just One Fish.
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Just One Fish.

Alice in Tokyo Disneyland

The Nightmare Before Christmas is an all-time favorite of mine, as well as my bestfriend’s. We loved a lot of the same things, almost like twins. In February 2012, she was in an auto wreck that took her life at the young and heartbreaking age of 18. I miss her every single day, and I feel this token of my appreciation to our mutual love for the movie will help her live on, and carry me through hard times. I love the simplicity of it. (Will repost when healed.)
Done by Mike TV at Bright Ideas Tattoo in Avondale, Arizona.
My url is billows.tumblr.com

I might be okay with this…

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I actually love this.

Disneypocalypse - When the bad guys really do get to destroy part of your world.
Saw this image a month ago and held onto it as I wanted to find the original artist and I finally have! A gentleman by the name of Matt Rhodes did this beauty and you can find the link to his tumblr here 
Been scrolling through multiple pages and I really enjoy this guys work, lots of kick ass DragonAge stuff as well :D

Mermaid nails! Inspired by MarinelovesNails. Google her blog to check out her stunning pics. Polish is @picturepolish - Sea Jewel which is a collab shade with @wackylaki who is a genius for helping to create this sparkletastic gem. If you look very very closely you can see the sneaky mermaid xx Images from Konad plate m34 and GALS GA14 #nails #nailart #aussienails #mermaid #mermaidnails
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